Adding a device/camera for the first time

Mobile devices do not need to be set up. So if you are using iOS or Android, you can download the app straight away by getting an Unleash app.

For Drones/UAV's, and other RTMP devices, the instructions below are a good guide to follow:

Once logged into your account. Select the Profile icon then select Devices.

Your Profile page houses access to your Account name, Stream key, Profile details and devices. Select Add device to manage and add new devices. 

Name your device, add a description and image. Activate your Altas toggle - this will allow GPS visualisation on Fusion Atlas.

Select Create, and your device has now been added. Below is an example of a demo account showing the different types of devices that can be managed on this page. 

You are now set up to start live streaming from this device if you have 4G or WiFi connectivity.