Annotating using the Smart Annotations tool

Smart Annotations tool allows users to annotate assets 15 times faster than the traditional method.

Before going directly to the Smart Annotations tool, review how to annotate the image in this article. With Smart Annotations, users have additional Smart Select options that make the annotation process faster and more accurate, including:

  • By Click: Users click the assets or areas of interest to auto-generate labels

  • By Box: Users select an area with a bounding box to select segments to auto-generate labels

  • Everything: All segments and polygons are visually available for selection to auto-generate labels (** Coming Soon **)


By Click:

Select the image from the Media Drive and open in Image Viewer then:

  • On the image view, hover your mouse and left-click the assets parts or faults that you want to annotate
  • Go to the Annotations option located on your right-hand side
  • Choose the relevant A.I. Apps from the Annotation Category drop-down menu
  • Click on +ADD icon and then choose By Click option or press C as a shortcut key on your keyboard
  • Select the type of annotations from Label drop-down menu
  • Hover your mouse over the fault you want to annotate and click on them
  • Add Severity/Comment and Save


Click on Add or Remove on Refine selection option as needed located at the bottom left of your screen to refine the selections as shown as below.


By Box:

This option allows the user to create a bounding box around the asset and auto-label it with polygons.


All the initial steps are the same as above until you choose By Box option in +ADD menu. 

Draw a box around the parts or faults of the asset, then the model will automatically create a polygonal annotation around them.


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