Autofly Quick Start Guide

Setting Up an Unleash live account and Autofly for an Android Smartphone

This guide will help you to get set up and show you how to get the most out of the Autofly App. There are 2 stages required to get flying;

  • Setting up an Unleash live account and a device (drone or camera)
  • Downloading and connecting the device through the Autofly App

Step 1. Set up an Unleash live account

In order to view the live stream from Autofly an Unleash live account is required. simply go to and follow the prompts for sign Up.

Step 2. Add a device

To connect a camera device (in this case a drone) a device needs to be added to the account. When autofly is set up and connected to the account the device name will be available for selection. To add a device to the account follow the guide below

For a more detailed guide on creating a new device click the link Adding a new device

Step 3. Download the Autofly App

Download the Autofly app to the Android (7 or newer) smartphone or the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise from our Unleash live Autofly page here or on the Google Play Store. Please refer to this article for how to download the latest Autofly App.

Step 4. Login and select device

Open the Autofly App on the Andriod Smartphone or DJI Smart Controller Enterprise, login to the Unleash live account using your username and password, select the device from the device menu and allow Autofly to record audio, access to location and store media. 

Once logged in and the device is selected Autofly is ready to go. You will need to change "Remote Access" to Broadcast in the Autofly App to start streaming. Autofly will automatically connect to the relevant Unleash live account and the stream will be viewable in the Remote Cockpit, live stream page and the public watch page for external viewers.

Step 5. Open the remote cockpit to view and participate in the inspection

Select Remote Cockpit from the Mission Control menu on the left. Select the drone to connect the live stream to the cockpit and the live stream will appear.

cockpit gif

The Local pilot can now provide remote camera or drone control to the remote operator who is using the Remote cockpit. 

From the remote cockpit, you are able to provide inputs to the camera or aircraft, as well as communicate with the local pilot using the inbuilt 2-way communication with Push to Talk functionality. 

To learn more about the controls and menus found in Autofly and Remote Cockpit select  the link below:

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