Sharing a Live Stream

Securely share a live stream from a CCTV camera or a drone to an unlimited amount of viewers.

Securely sharing live streams with the key stakeholders is critical to operational overview. 

Unleash live allows the user to generate specific URL addresses that can be shared with a viewer outside of the team or organisation. The viewer can view all 4 congruent live streams in their browser from anywhere.


  1. Select your Account Page, from the navigation bar 
  2. Scroll down to the streaming section,
  3. Enable the share broadcasts toggle
  4. Click on Go to Your Public Live Page to open a new tab where you can view the live stream
  5. Or click on the Copy Public Live Page URL and share that with the viewers

Going to your Public Live Page opens a new window with a dedicated URL that can be used to watch a live stream, or share with colleagues. 

Share the URL through your usual communication channels to provide access to the stream.

Quick tip: Tip be safe and secure always generate a secure URL by clicking on the Generate Secure URL option, which will create a new URL. 

Restreaming: You can share the broadcast of the live streaming to various third-party platforms like IBM or live stream. You can see in this article how it can be done.