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Best practices for capturing images to generate models

This article provides a guide to best practices when shooting images for a model. 

Getting great results from your 2D orthophoto, 3D model, point cloud and VR experience are highly dependable upon the method and approach were taken to shoot footage. Below are some best practice tips to ensure you get an awesome result. 
  • The analogy of using a spray can work well,  the more you spray! Equally! across your scenery, without gaps, the better the results.
  • Do at least 2 rounds of DJI point of interest scene: 
    • We recommend shooting at a 5 m/s rotation
    • Shoot one 2.7k or 4k image every 3 sec
    • Ensure images are all geotagged
  • DJI grid: 
    • We recommend shooting with at least 75% front overlap and 60% side overlap
    • Set the Gimbal at 75% down
    • Capture at distance (approx 100m, 300ft), the lower the drone the faster you need to capture to get the overlap
    • One shot every 3 seconds (dependent on the height of the drone and speed of flight)
    • 10–20m/s speed (naturally lower flights require slower speeds to keep the 75%/60% overlap)
    • Camera parameters are locked upon validation of correct settings for lighting
    • Focal length set to manual and max distance (To note, if using a camera with a mechanical shutter please set in S mode and set the shutter speed below the maximum for the mechanical shutter so it does not swap to an electronic shutter. Depending on the drone, the max flight speed will be adjusted from the minimum capture interval for the sensor.)
  • Limit upload images to no more than 700-900 at a time. Our Standard modelling package allows up to 500 images per model with a maximum of 7500 images in total. 

  • Images stitch only if there is no sky in the background!! So keep at least a 45-degree camera angle. If you see the sky in the image tilt the gimbal lower.

The model construction may take anywhere between 30 min to 3 hours. Please be patient. You will be notified upon completion of the model and check the Unleash live Solutions page to view and explore your completed 3D model.