New Features Released [Date: 2 December 2022]

Added "Compare Images" action for images in Media Drive

Comparing images is a useful tool when you need to view two or more assets side-by-side in the same window. For example, an asset manager might need to compare the differences between an RGB image and a thermal image, or a raw media file and a file that has been analyzed by AI. The 'compare image' function makes this task more convenient.


Read this article on how to compare images.

"Right-Click" option in Media Drive

Before this feature was introduced, the user had to click three vertical dots for the menu to appear. Now, you can just right-click them to get the various menu options in Media Drive.



With this release, the default view of Remote Cockpit has been updated as follows which allows users for a new and improved interface to navigate between various drones or devices. 

remote cockvit view_gif