Installing Autofly app

Downloading Autofly app that serves zero latency for live streaming is easy and simple. If you have Android Smartphone or any Smart controller, you can follow these simple steps:


Before starting this process please make sure your DJI RC and drone are up to date with the latest firmware from DJI 

Ensure the system time on your DJI RC is set to the correct time for your time zone in the settings. It is highly recommended to have “Automatic date & time” enabled.


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  1. Proceed to from the inbuilt browser on your RC. 
  2. Select Direct download from the landing page
  3. Wait for the APK to be downloaded onto the device 
  4. Use the File Browser to navigate to “Downloads” and click on the Autofly APK
  5. Select “Install”
  6. Wait for the installation to be completed 
  7. Open the APK from your home page
  8. Enter your Unleash live user credentials 
  9. Proceed with your operations as normal and fully unlock the power of your DJI aircraft.

After the successful installation the last steps you need to follow before you operate:

  • Go to the setting of your Enterprise Controller
  • Select Apps and Notifications
  • Select Auto start application selection option
  • And finally, select None from the options

This will allow the user to select which app they want to fly and will ensure DJI Pilot does not automatically connect to the aircraft, ensuring reliable operation of the aircraft and minimising additional security risks.