Drawing Perspective Zones for Estimating the Physical Dimension of an Object

At Unleash live, you can easily create a Perspective Zone which is used to identify the Zone. You begin by selecting a specific area or zone in an image where you want to estimate the depth or dimensions of an object. This zone should be carefully chosen and defined based on your prior knowledge of the physical measurements of certain points or features within it.

You need to know the actual physical measurements (for example, length and width) of specific reference points or objects within the chosen zone. This information serves as the basis for later calculations.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have obtained the physical measurements of the zones you are implementing, then follow these steps to draw Perspective Zones:

  1. Navigate to the Media Drive or Live Stream where you want to apply the Perspective Zone.
  2. Click on the AI Analyse Option and choose the relevant AI app.
  3. Access the Settings, which will take you to the Zone Configuration.
  4. Select Add Zone and choose Perspective Zone from the options.
  5. Draw a polygon with four points based on the provided measurements from your live stream or footage.
  6. Enter the physical dimensions of the zone at points A and B, measured in centimetres as shown below.
  7. Click on the ADD button and finally, select either the ANALYZE or DONE button.

By following these steps or watching the video below, you can easily create Perspective Zones in Unleash live, helping you estimate the depth or dimensions of objects within a specific area or zone of an image.

HubSpot Video

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