Dropping pins in Autofly and syncing with Atlas

Atlas can be useful for people who frequently navigate to a particular destination by allowing them to pin a location. When a location is pinned, the user can easily access directions to the desired destination without the need for additional searching.

Dropping pins is extremely beneficial for teams, such as emergency responders, as it streamlines navigation to specific areas of interest and allows for the mapping of locations for future reference using tools like Fusion Atlas or other GIS applications. These pins are synced between Autofly and your Unleash live cloud accounts.

The dropping pin feature benefits individuals on the ground by highlighting points of interest and seamlessly integrating with control rooms using the Unleash live cloud account. This gives command centres deeper insights into the live operational activities of their RPAS teams. This enhanced visibility enables more effective tasking and onsite coordination, both locally and globally. 

How to drop a pin
Dropping a pin can be done in three ways depending on the mission requirements. Watch the video and follow the steps below to learn how:

HubSpot Video

1. Dropping pins via Laser Range Finder (LRF):

  • DJI M300 with H20/T and DJI M30 are the only compatible drones able to drop the pins via LRF because of their Laser Ranging capabilities. To use this feature, first, you need to identify your target. If needed, you can use the zoom feature to focus on your target. 
  • Switch to the map box as your primary screen by tapping on it and click on the pin icon located at the right of your screen. This is also called the "Add Marker" option. 
  • Select the "LRF Target" option to drop the pin on the desired target location. Atlas, in the Unleash live cloud account, will be synced with the dropped pin for that particular location.

2. Dropping pins via drone position:

  • Every drone that is compatible with Autofly supports these features. Read this article to know which drones are compatible with Autofly. 
  • To drop the pins based on the drone position, use a similar process to dropping pins via LRF. However, select "Drone Position" option instead.
  • This will drop the pins on the location where the drone was located at that time.

3. Dropping pins via manual position

  • For dropping pins via manual position, you need to tap a position on the map wherever required after selecting the option "Manually".
  • As before, Atlas will sync with these pins in the Unleash live cloud account, as shown in the video above.

If you need further help, please contact us at support@unleashlive.com.