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  2. Managing Your Media Drive

Getting started with your Media Drive

The Media Drive (library) acts as the centralized repository for all of your media uploads (images and video), 2D/3D orthomaps and analysis output.

To access the Media Drive, click on the MEDIA DRIVE icon on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

From within the Media Drive you are able to perform the following functions:

  1. Uploading media files
    There are various ways to upload media files. You can upload directly from your local storage or import the media files from Google Drive. To upload directly from your local storage, you need to click on the UPLOAD menu at the top of the page, and select the media files or folders to upload.
    Upload clip gif
  2. Importing from Google Drive
    If you have your media files within Google Drive, you simply copy the shareable link and paste it to the Import from Google Drive option located under the UPLOAD menu.
    Google import gif
  3. Creating a new folder
    To create a folder you click on the NEW FOLDER icon in the navigation bar along the top of the page.
    New folder gif
  4. Searching within Media Drive
    You can also search any particular files or folder by typing them in the search navigation bar.
    search folder gif
  5. Renaming the folder 
    To rename the folder or file, just click on three vertical dots on side of the folder name and click on Rename. Confirm the new name by clicking on Rename when prompted.
    renaming folder gif
  6. Selecting multiple folders or media files
    You can select files or folders by clicking on the circle in the top left of the thumbnail which appears after you hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail image. To select all, you can click on the SELECT ALL option on the top which appears when you have selected one image. Selected images or folders have a green tick mark.
    Selcting files or folder gif
  7. Moving media files to the new folder
    To move files or folder, select the required files as outlined above, click on three vertical dots located at the top right of the page, select the Move option, choose the destination folder and click on the MOVE HERE button.
    If desired, you can create a new folder from within the Move file interface.
    Moving files gif
  8. Filtering by Device
    The Device ID is the camera, drone, mobile phone or other image capture device's designated identifier. The Device ID is set through the Stream interface accessible via the navigation bar on the left (Icon immediately above the Media Drive). You can read this article to learn how to add devices to your account.
    In order to filter the media files based on the Device ID, click on the device icon at the top of your library and filter by the required device name.
    FIlter device id gif
  9. Filtering by date/time
    You can filter your library based on the required time and date. Click on the DATE option at the top of the page and select the required date and time. Click outside the date dialogue box to apply the filter. You can also quickly filter the media files by pre-built options like Past Hour, Past Day, Past Week and Past Month.
    filter by date gif
  10. Filtering by type of media file
    To filter between various types of media files, such as images, videos, folders, Models and Flight logs, select the appropriate options from the Type drop-down interface.
    Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 1.18.10 pm
  11. Tagging with a keyword and tag filtering
    By clicking on the Tag menu above the images/folders you are able to filter the Media Drive content based on user-defined tags.
    Tag and filter gif

In order to apply a tag to a folder or image, select that item, click on the TAG dropdown at the top right of the interface and choose from the list of available tags.  

If the tag you are looking for doesn't exist, simply type it into the Search Tags area and select "+ Create tag <Tag Name>"

For more information, please contact support@unleashlive.com and the support team will get back to you shortly.