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Grouping/aggregation of asset imagery based on proximity

Please note, the functionality outlined below is available only through the Unleash live support team. If you wish to take advantage of the functionality, please contact us on support@unleashlive.com

When your asset images are captured by camera or drone, the images will typically contain a set of EXIF data (metadata) including Latitude and Longitude, which can be used to define the position of the image on a geographical map.

When there are lots of images for a portfolio of assets stored in Media Drive, it can be more convenient for them to be arranged into folders as a group based on location (ie close proximity). It can be difficult to manually group them in a separate folder according to the geolocation.

poles without grouping feature_gif

When we execute this feature for you, all the images in a particular folder will be grouped based on their proximity and copied to different folders based on this group. The proximity is 6m by default and can be changed based on your asset management requirements. You are also able to define the folder names for easier management within the library, for example, based on asset IDs.

poles after grouping_gif

The asset grouping for folders can easily be transferred to the Fusion Atlas mapping tool for easy visualisation of asset locations and quick review of imagery.

atlas layer after grouping_gif

Please contact support@unleashlive.com to learn more about this feature.