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Using my Lidar data with Unleash live

Unleash live provides a powerful in-browser processing and viewing platform for 2D ortho maps, 3D models, VR and point clouds. This article provides you with an overview of the options available on Unleash live:

Factors to consider when deciding between Lidar or Photogrammetry

  • What size of the smallest feature or object you wish to detect?
  • Will the object be still or moving during the entire capture
  • Vegetation — How much vegetation? Does it need to be removed?
  • Required outputs — Models, colourized 2D&3D, obliques of assets
  • Colorisation — possible with lidar but extra steps and collection required.
  • Processing time — Lidar is significantly faster. Twice the length of the flight
  • Accuracy — Easier to increase the accuracy of photogrammetry with GCP, RTK, PPK, lidar always uses RTK/PPK.
  • Setup costs — photogrammetry is lower cost, lidar higher
  • Licensing — photogrammetry sub 2kg/ FAA107, LiDAR OC 7–25kg rating
  • Area to be collected

Lidar LAS or LAZ files can be side-loaded to be viewed right in your Unleash live cloud account and securely shared with collaborators. Get in touch with us to show you how.

In many cases, we believe photogrammetry to be the path achieving a cost-effective, user-friendly method to get the outcomes required. For highly bespoke use cases Lidar is an option, however, this requires higher investment and data processing and insight generation challenges need to be overcome.