How does the Public live page work?

For account security we provide a solution for external viewers to watch the live stream through the Public Live Page, each live stream will become visible on the public live page. The public live page has a separate URL that can be shared with viewers. Once the live stream is completed live stream will disappear.

Sharing the Public Live page URL

Open the account page found at the bottom left corner of your account. Here is all the account set-up functionality.

On the account page select the "Stream" tab 

There are 2 ways to share the URL with external viewers;

  1. Open the public live page by clicking the PUBLIC LIVE PAGE link
  2. Copying the URL and sharing it through your normal c=omunicational channels

Live streams will appear on the Public Live Page once a live stream is started, up to 4 congruent live streams can be viewed from the same page.

Generate a new Secure URL

if you are sharing the Public Live page URL with many different audiences we suggest generating a new secure URL each time, this will reduce the chance an old audience has access to new live streams.

Simply click on the "Generate Secure URL", REFRESH the page and share the URL by copying or opening the Public Live page.


You can also customise the public URL page. To do that please refer to this article.