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Annotating in Fusion Atlas

  • Select Fusion Atlas from the Navigation bar to view your layers or orthomaps and begin annotating.
  • Navigate to the area of interest for annotating. This can be done by any of the following methods"
  1. Panning on the map to the desired location
  2. Search by location
  3. Jumping to the desired location where the annotation is needed
  • Click on Annotate Button located at the top as shown in the video.
  • Select the type of annotation you wish to create:
  1. Polyline: For drawing single or multi-point lines e.g. defining paths, fences, roads
  2. Polygon: For drawing closed shapes e.g. outlining buildings, structures, areas, regions
  3. Marker: For single point or item based marker e.g. identifying objects, landmarks, assets, points of interest
  • Once a Polyline/Polygon/Marker is created, a pop-up window is available for entering the annotation Type, Severity and Comment. 
  • When fields are completed, select "Done" to finish the annotation. 
  • Repeat for multiple annotations and don't forget to save! Select the red "Save" button on the left to save all annotations as a layer for viewing and exporting.
  • Name the saved layer and it will appear in layers for toggling on and off and for exporting SHP files.
  • After saving, annotated shapes and markers will switch from blue (unsaved) to red (saved). Now you can select shapes and markers to view annotation details.
  • Once a layer is saved, it is visible in the "Layers" panel, selecting the 3 dots will allow exporting of the layer as a Shapefile (SHP)
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