Analyzing photos or videos using A.I. apps

After reading this article you will be able to analyse the stored media files in your Media Drive using an A.I. app.

Once you are complete with the live stream or uploaded the video imagery, review them in your account, select the video or images and apply the A.I. algorithm that you intend to use.

  • login into your account and click on the Library icon located at your left navigation bar

apply ai to existing video

  • Select the images or video from the libraries you intend to apply AI on. You can read here to know about how can we upload images and videos to the libraries.
  • Select the images or video clip by clicking the top left of the thumbnail or you can right-click your mouse or click on the 3 Dot icon on the bottom right of the thumbnail.


  • The options will appear and then click on Analyze button.
  • Select the A.I. App from the drop-down menu
  • Not mandatory, but if you would like the A.I. to analyze on a designated zone or bidirectional line, click on Settings. For more information on how to create a zone please read this article.
  • Save the zone that you have set up and click on Start.
  • You will get notifications of A.I. being processed and successful in real-time. Your results will appear shortly in the Media Drive.