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Creating a cross-section in a point cloud

The Unleash live Point cloud provides powerful tools such as a cross-section. 

  • Open your library and select the Models tab, choose your desired model and click on it.
  • Scroll to the right and choose the point cloud icon, your point cloud will load in the browser within a minute

Once your point cloud has loaded in the browser, navigate to the location for analysis with the following 

  • Click and drag to move around the point cloud or double-click and drag a trackpad
  • zoom in and out with the mouse zoom or finger pinch and expand the track pad

select the cross-section tool (circled below)

Select the starting and end point for the cross-section, click the endpoint and right-click to release

Scroll down to the tool menu on the left to the Scene section and click on the show 2D profile button to open the cross-section profile 

  • To increase the width of the cross-section select the width field and increase or decrease the value
  • Select a point in the cross-section to highlight the coordinates and the value