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Creating a model

To get the best outcome, please first read the best practices for capturing images to generate models and the add-on inclusions for modelling. 

Once you have your captured images and downloaded them from your device, select the upload button to upload in batches no more than 500 images at one time.

Your footage is now stored with time, date, device and geo stamped in the Library.

To create a model. select the top-level folder containing the images, select Model, and confirm all best practice tips have been followed before pressing submit.

creating a model

The resulting orthophoto and models will be displayed on your Solutions Models page as soon as the processing has been completed.

When the model is ready, you will get a notification in your email.

Now, you can view the model, please read this article for how to view the model.

Selecting the desired plan will provide you with the option to create 2D, 3D, VR & Point Cloud models. 

Each model contains different downloadable types of files that can be used in VR, Engineering and Architecture software:

  • PLY 3D Mesh
  • OBJ, GLTF Georeferenced textured mesh
  • LAS, CSV, XYZ Georeferenced dense point clouds
  • PNG, GeoTIFF Orthophoto images
  • DEM and DTM (upon request)