Customising the Public Live URL page

You can easily customize the public live-streaming URL on your own in just a few steps

For customers external to your Unleash live account, live stream access can be provided through the Public Live Page. When the URL is shared with your external customer they will be able to view up to 4 concurrent live streams on their preferred browser on any device.

Once the live stream becomes live in your account it will simultaneously display on the Public Live Page and similarly as soon as the live streams are completed they will disappear from the page.

Simply by sharing your Public Live Page URL the external customer will be able to view all streams in their browser.

In order to provide privacy for your customers, we have given you full control of your Public Live Page URL, below is how you can consistently change the URL to match your customer brand and date.

On your account page select the organisation tab

1. open your account page, and select the bottom left logo icon

2. Select the organization tab to scroll down to your organisation fields This is really easy to do and makes each external live stream private.