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Best Practices - Drone shoot for a 3D model scene

Think of it as a spray can, the more you spray equally! across your scenery, without gaps, the better the results.

  • Fly on a bright sunny day, mid-morning or early afternoon
  • For 3D objects, we recommend DJI Point of interest shoots. Do at least 2 rounds with 20–40 images each: We recommend to shoot at 5 m/s rotation, shoot one 4k image every 3 sec. Fly one round at 25m, one round at 50m, one round at 75m.
  • For terrain models we recommend DJI Grid: We recommend shooting with at least 60% overlap, this is at 50m height, one shot every 3 seconds, with 15m/s.
  • Ensure the images are all geotagged.
  • Upload all image files to your Unleash live account directly from your tablet or laptop. We recommend 50–150 images to start.
  • Images stitch only if there is no sky in the background!! So keep at least 45-degree camera angle.
  • Select at least 20 or more images in your library to create a model.
  • Start a modelling job from within your Unleash library tab menu.
  • The model construction may take anywhere between 10 min to 3 hours. Please be patient.
  • Check the Unleash solutions page to view and explore your completed model.

What you can do with the data?

To overview high-resolution 3D Models please watch Unleash live video on Youtube

Similar to the library, models are stored in Solution tab folders that are named according to the device used, date and time.

Each model contains different downloadable types of files that can be used in VR, Engineering and Architecture software:

  • PLY 3D Mesh
  • OBJ, GLTF Georeferenced textured mesh
  • LAS, CSV, XYZ Georeferenced dense point clouds
  • PNG, GeoTIFF Orthophoto images
  • DEM, DTM (upon request)
  • Engineering grade Point clouds
  • Volumetrics
  • VR Experiences