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  2. Managing Your Media Drive

Uploading videos and photos to the libraries

Uploading files to your account is quick and easy.

1. Firstly make sure you are connected to the internet and your upload speed is adequate for video and image upload.

2. Next login to your account and Go to Media Drive.

Upload clip image original


3. Select the upload icon at the top left of the page.

Upload clip image


3. Choose from one of the three upload options

  • Upload files for uploading a file that is already stored on your computer
  • Upload folders for uploading the folder that is already stored on your computer
  • Importing from Google Drive - if the files are already stored in a GDrive folder it is possible to sideload them into your account. (Folders within a GDrive will be flattened when uploading across, make sure you have an adequate file naming in place)
Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 3.11.00 pm


4. Select open

5. All uploaded imagery or video will be linked to a device or session (folder) name
- if you have an existing device, select it from the drop-down menu

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 9.19.24 am


6. If you want to add the uploaded media file to the new devices you can go back and add a new device and then follow the above steps.

7. Select upload and the image or video will be uploaded to your Media Drive, to view the media select the MEDIA DRIVE icon (refresh the page if the media isn't already in the Media Drive)

Upload clip image original


If you have any further questions, just get in touch to find out more.