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Getting started with Fusion Atlas

This article provides a high level introduction to some of the core features available in Unleash live's GIS tool, Fusion Atlas.

Fusion Atlas is a digital Asset Map that hosts spatial information for your A.I. insights, live video streams, IoT devices and 2D/3D orthmosaic models. Fusion Atlas combines rich contextual data such as approved access roads, environmentally sensitive areas, and landowner parcel data.

Unleash live recognizes that accurate, timely and contextual data is essential for making informed business decisions.


Fusion Atlas provides subject matter experts with contextual insight into the visual data collected and analyzed through the Unleash live platform. 

Fusion Atlas structures the content contained within as layers that can be toggled on or off. Layers can be grouped to represent logical structures that are relevant to the organization such as dates, regions or asset categories. Read this article to learn more about using layers within Fusion Atlas.



Fusion Atlas annotations are used to describe features or add general information to the map and are stored together with the position, text string, and display properties. When working with geodatabase annotation, you can use the Fusion Atlas editing environment to create and edit annotation features. Annotations stored in a map document can be exported as a layer and also can be downloaded for use in third parties platforms like ArcGIS and Google Earth. Furthermore, you can drop pins or markers inside the existing layers to identify areas of interest with a comment and severity. Read this article to learn about Annotations. 


Viewing Orthomaps in Fusion Atlas:

You can view orthomaps geospatially in Fusion Atlas, with data overlays integrating multiple kmz, kml and GeoJSON data files. To perform this operation, the Orthomap model should be added to Fusion Atlas beforehand from the Media Drive.

ortho in fusion atlasYou can also easily switch to the Model view directly from Fusion Atlas. To do that, click on 3 dots and Go to model option.

Viewing an IoT Device's location

IOT devices here include CCTV feeds, imagery captured from a drone and smartphone images. You can view the location of all the IoT Devices in Fusion Atlas that are either active or inactive in your account. One of the examples is shown below:


Easy Switching between Fusion Atlas and Media Drive: 

Fusion Atlas able to overlay images within the maps to provide the exact location around where the picture was captured.

For this function to be available the latitude and longitude information (GPS coordinates) must be contained within the image metadata. 

image location_gif

For more information on Fusion Atlas or any of the other Unleash live functions, please contact us on support@unleashlive.com