New Features Released [Date: 16 November 2022]

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Switching between A.I. clips and the original clips in one click of a button

This is one of the really great features that have been released recently. Before we used to have a separate location called 'A.I. clips' on the menu bar. Now, you can switch between the original clips and the analysed clips using the drop-down menu. Read this article on how to view A.I. analysed media files. 

When you are in Media Drive, open the required media file and click on the top drop-down menu to switch between the original clips. You can see how to do this in the video below. 

dropdown ai_gif

Annotation Summary: Advanced Sorting 

Now users can use the 'Advanced sorting' option when exporting the annotations into PDF. Read this article to know about how to export the annotations.

To use this advanced sorting option, you need to already be on the last stage of the export option.

You can then click on the top header to sort in ascending or descending order, with the up and down arrows confirming the sorting types. Please watch the clip below and try it along with the above video clips. Watch the clip below to see how to see the function in action.

advanced sorting gif

Drag and Drop Upload

Users can now upload the media files by simply dragging and dropping files into Media Drive, as well apart from the usual method - by selecting the file and uploading it by going to the upload option.

This article helps to know the other methods to upload media files in Unleash live Media Drive.

To use this feature, simply select the media files that you want to upload into the Media Drive and drop them inside the drive. To get access to your Media Drive, click on the 'Library' icon on the left navigation bar.

drag and drop gif

Ability to delete analysis page entries

Once you've analyzed a media file using the Unleash live A.I. apps, you can then download the CSV analytics file or PDF reports. Please read this article on how to download the PDF/CSV/JSON analytics files. Now, if there is a PDF report or CSV file that you don't need anymore, simply click on the 3 dots on the right side of the file, and click 'Delete' to remove that file. 

deleting analyticsfile_gif

Mobile Version: Sorting and Filtering option to view the analytics report 

You can use the mobile phone version of the Unleash live platform to run your operations from your pocket. This mobile version has a few sorting and filtering options when viewing your analytics reports. You can download the mobile app to your device to use this feature. Read this article on how to download the PWA mobile app.

Please follow the steps in the video below to see how you can use this sorting and filtering option for your reports.

To use this feature, you should be on the report view. That can be reached by clicking on the 'Analysis' option on the navigation bar on your left menu.

After you are in the analytics file view, please click on 'Add filter' option to use the various filtering options. and click on the three dots on the top right to use the sorting option.

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Expanded zone manager: Crosshair Cursor

Zone managers allow you to draw the area of interest in your videos or images which the A.I. apps will then analyse. Please read this article to learn how to draw the zones. This new feature updates your cursor into a more dynamic and interactive one, which helps you to draw the zone or line more accurately. View the below video clip to see how to use this feature.

curshor gif