Live stream from a drone

In this video we show you how to live stream from a drone

Choose the device you want to stream from and click manage

Scroll down and click the COPY URL

We are going to place this in our drone app interface

So open up your drone app 

And in this case we are going to use a DJI Mavic Pro

Click on the 3 button menu in the top right corner

Choose custom RTMP

Delete any existing stream keys

And paste in the new stream key

Click next

Click start

And in 3 seconds you’ll be streaming to your account

Make sure the network connection is good 

And the frames per second remain above 20 frames per second

To view your live stream click the live stream icon in your account

You can view multiple streams from multiple devices 

And once you have finished streaming from your device the video is stored in your library

So click on the library icon and in a few seconds the video will appear ready to review and share