Live Streaming from a DJI Enterprise Smart Controller

There are two ways you can live stream from a Drone, using the Autofly app and using RTMP streaming. 1. Using the Autofly app 2. Using DJI's inbuilt RTMP streaming

How to live stream from a Smart Controller Enterprise using the Autofly app

Please refer to this link on how to use the Autofly app for live streaming and various other features.

How to live stream from a Smart Controller Enterprise using RTMP streaming

  1. In order to live stream the inspection, you will need to create a device in your account. 
    Here is how to add a device for the first time.
  2. Once the stream key is made, copy it, into any type of text editor and paste it. For instance, notepad.
  3. Save this as a TXT file. 
  4. Place this onto a thumb drive and insert it into your Smart Controller Enterprise. 
  5. Open the file using the file manager on the controller and copy the stream key. 
  6. In DJI pilot select the Common Settings menu
  7. Open Live Stream and select custom RTMP
  8. add the stream key and hit ok. 
  9. The stream should start and you will see a framerate and signal strength indicator in the top left of the app.

Change Bit Rate

To change the bit rate simply click on the blue live stream icon to open the menu

Adjust the bit rate by simply sliding the toggle up and down the bar