Media Management for Autofly- Best Practices

Autofly provides a powerful image and video management functionality.

You can enable or disable media sync from the DJI drone to your Unleash live cloud account in settings. You can read this article on how to upload media in the Unleash Live libraries.

Media Sync disabled

With Sync disabled your media files remain on the DJI drone SD card and no files are uploaded to your Unleash live account. 

Media Sync enabled

Sync works best for inspections or orthomosaic stitching image capture. All your media files on the DJI SD card are automatically downloaded and uploaded to your secure Unleash live cloud account.

After the files have been synced to your cloud, all files on the SD card are wiped. This is to ensure you never run out of storage on the SD card and the sync process time is kept to a minimum.

In case you experience trouble syncing to the cloud account, Autofly keeps a backup of your media files on your local Android device. Go to your file manager on Android and find the following location: Downloads/DJI_MEDIA 

Troubleshooting media management

Sync can fail for various reasons. Please ensure the following conditions are met when performing a sync.

  • Your SD card should only contain files of your most recent flight
  • We advise you not to sync when you capture large and long video files
  • We advise being in great 4G or 5G network connectivity at the time of flight
  • We advise good drone battery levels (at least 25% remaining at the time of landing)
  • We advise enough storage on your Android controller
  • All files are backed up on your local Android controller device: Downloads/DJI_MEDIA