Importing, loading and saving Smart Inspect/Waypoint mission files (JSON and KML) in Mission Planner

Smart Inspect and Way Point Missions are advanced and cutting-edge inspection tools available in Unleash live Autofly app. It allows the operator to efficiently execute repeatable missions for asset inspections and a pre-programmed flight path to be executed at the push of a button without complicated mission planning. Smart inspect/Waypoint missions are available on a range of DJI drones, please refer to our compatibility matrix in this article. You can also read this article to know how to execute Smart Inspect in the powerline.

Follow these steps to import Smart Inspect or Way Point missions on Mission Planner.
  • Sign in to by entering your User Email and Password.
  • Click on Atlas in the left Navigation Bar
  • Click on Plan Missions menu
  • Click on Upload
  • A dialogue box of your local directory opens and then Select a file to Open. You can import Missions in either JSON or KML formats
  • You can view the missions on the map and click on the Save option on the same right navigation bar and Save to Cloud button to save the file in your account.

  • Click on Smart Inspect box to green tick and activate it for Smart Inspect mission.
  • If you update any values, save the file for backup. For this, you can click on Save to File option.


You can also customise the missions based on your needs by clicking on the points in maps and editing the Components like latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, pitch, and heading.

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