New Features Released [Date: 13 February 2023]

Improved Zoom for Image Viewer, Media Drive

The zooming in Image viewer has improved with the flexibility to zoom further into an image and move the frame around the images while zoomed.


"Go to Photos" option in Fusion Atlas

Now you can navigate directly to the relevant photos from with the model or layers within Fusion Atlas. To perform this action, click on the three dots to the right of the layer in question and select 'Go to Photos'.


Panoramic Viewer

At Media Drive, you can now experience the 360 view of the panoramic images. Read this article to learn more.

HubSpot Video

Annotation Summary

The direct "Export annotations - to PDF" function has been removed from the Media Drive interface. It has been replaced by a new feature called "Summarize" which presents a summary of the annotations and allows you to filter them by types of faults, tags or severity prior to exporting them into the PDF reports or CSV or JSON file. This article provides more information on how to use this feature. It is still possible to export CSV or JSON analysis information directly from Media Drive.

File Count

Using File Count from within the Media Drive, users can view the number of files or folders within a folder. This article provides more information on to use this feature.

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