Remote Cockpit Overview

The Remote Cockpit is the command centre for your remote inspections. 

To open the remote cockpit to view and participate in the inspection select Remote Cockpit from the Mission Control menu on the left. Select the drone to connect the live stream to the cockpit and the live stream will appear.

Feature Overview of the Remote Cockpit

The Remote Cockpit is built to optimise your remote inspection, allowing you to control the mission selection, control the drone gimbal or the drone itself. Below is an overview of all the features found within the Remote Cockpit window in your browser window.

  1. Connected device - displays the device currently connected, devices can be changed simply by clicking the change device link
  2. Drone data - displays the current state, battery charge, satellite connectivity and network signal
  3. Remote control status - from Autofly the pilot can change the control between
    1. None - no stream is passed through to the remote cockpit
    2. Broadcast only - view stream only
    3. Camera Control - the viewer can control the gimbal remotely
    4. Camera + drone control - the viewer can control the gimbal and the drone remotely
  4. Mission - Load preset missions
  5. Controls - drone controls will become active when camera + drone control is selected in the remote control menu
  6. Drone flight path - the flight path of the drone will appear as the drone moves
  7. Camera controls - control the gimbal, moving it up, down, or rotate left/right
  8. Sync Media - initiate the media sync post a flight
  9. Zoom - zoom in or out (available on most cameras)
  10. Switch camera mode - change between video or photo