Setting up RTK


RTK integrates the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning data from a fixed base station into your aircraft, giving it centimetre accuracy.


Here is how you setup RTK using NTRIP in Australia:

  1. Create an account on the GNSS Data Centre Australia website to get started.
  2. Ensure that your Remote Controller is connected to the internet and then open Autofly.
  3. Navigate to the Unleash live menu, which can be found at the top left corner of your screen.
  4. Navigate to the RTK sub-menu.
  5. Select Network RTK (NTRIP).
  6. Enter your User Credentials and the corresponding mount points in the designated fields (the appropriate mount point can be found on the network map on the above website).
  7. Click on the Save button. Once saved, the RTK will start converging and its indicator will turn green.


For users outside Australia, we can use a service called RTK2go. RTK2go is a platform that can receive data from various sources, such as other SNIP nodes, the Simple NTRIP Caster in PUSH-Out mode, and other NTRIP Server software. It is not a website but rather a software service that utilizes an SNIP NTRIP Caster. This service is freely available for use.

How to Connect with RTK2go:

Terms of Use:
By sending your data stream to this Caster you affirm that
a) you have the right to do so, and
b) you consent to allow others to freely use your data, and
c) the caster owner/operator shall be held harmless for any faults or loss – real or perceived.
The caster owner/operator (SCSC) reserves the right to remove or block any party for abuse.

Connecting as a Data User…   (users, rovers, tractors)

When connecting to RTK2go as an NTRIP Client, you do not need to create a login account. Simply provide a valid email address as your username, and the password field can be left blank as it will be ignored.

To connect with your NTRIP client, follow these steps:

1. Open your NTRIP client and enter the address: (port 2101).

2. Choose the desired MountPt name and enter it exactly as it appears (remember, it is case-sensitive).

3. Use your email address as the user account.

4. Leave the password field blank and enter "none" (even though the Caster will ignore it, some software may require it to be present).

To receive limited email reports about any issues that may arise during your connection attempt, please provide a valid email address (e.g., as your username when connecting to the SNIP Caster (the software that operates RTK2go). This feature, unique to SNIP NTRIP Casters, can be extremely helpful for quick self-debugging purposes. Rest assured, we will not use your email for any other purposes.

If your NTRIP Client software cannot resolve DNS names, point it to:

You can connect using either NTRIP Rev1 style or Rev2.
Many low-end NTRIP Clients only support Rev1.