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Tagging in Media Drive

Tag your media files with user-defined keywords to easily filter and find your media files. You can also assign various colours to your tags better organise your data.

Searching for your media file based on the description, file types, or dates saves you time when you are working with a large number of files. But, tagging a media file and filtering them for the tagged word can be an even better solution.

Follow the process below to tag keywords to your media files:

  1. Go to the media files that you would like to tag
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the bottom of the thumbnail or just simply click the right button on your mouse
  3. Go to the 'Tags' on the menu bar 
  4. Select the tag name for your file or create a new tag

A quick tip: You can also assign various colours to your tags to better organise your data.

You have successfully tagged media files with keywords.

Similarly, to browse the files by filtering the tags, go to the 'Tags' menu towards the top of your screen, and select the tagged images that you'd like to display.

See the short video below on how to do this.

Tag and filter gif

For more information, please contact support@unleashlive.com and the support team will get back to you shortly.