Troubleshooting Autofly

Using Autofly for screencasting, live streaming, camera control or drone control requires access to a stable 4G/5G network or Wifi. If you are having difficulties with connectivity, we suggest taking the following steps:

  • Verify you have the right compatible Drones and controllers. Read this article to know about what drones we support.
  • Check if your smart controller or Android device is updated with the latest version. Make sure the drone is on the latest Firmware by checking with DJI pilot. Update the autofly all following these steps. Updating Autofly 
  • If you are using mobile data for network connection, check that you have 4G/5G mobile data activated.
  • Run a network speed check, you should obtain at least 2 Mbps upload speed.
  • Check the network indicator on the top right of the Autofly app is green.
  • Disconnect from any VPN, if possible. If not please contact
  • Confirm that your data is not being shaped or throttled
  • Adequate battery charge
  • Remove all background apps
  • If using a Smart controller ( not PRO or PLUS) make sure that in the Autofly stream menu, "Screen capture method" is selected.
  • Check if the Autostart Application setting is set to None. Sometimes, they are set to DJI Fly app which should not be the case. Setting to none will ensure the reliable operation of the aircraft and minimises additional security risks.

For further queries, please contact us at