Troubleshooting live streaming with the current network

Live streaming from your device requires access to a stable 4G/5G network or Wifi. If you are having difficulties with connectivity, we suggest taking the following steps;

  • Check if your sim card is correctly inserted
  • Check if your cellular plan is adequately activated
  • Check that you have 4G/5G mobile data activated
  • Confirm that your data is not being shaped or throttled
  • Check that your phone hardware is functioning appropriately
  • Adequate battery charge
  • Remove all background apps
  • Disconnect from any VPN, if possible. If not please contact
  • Check that the latest Android or iOS operating system is installed
  • Run a network speed check, you should obtain at least 4 Mbps upload speed
  • Check that you have the correct Unleash live stream key installed and active. Follow this article to configure the RTSP link.
  • If you are trying to stream using the RTSP link, verify first if it works in the VLC media player first. 
  • Check that you are receiving at least 8 fps throughput during the streaming
  • Check that you have the latest version of the Unleash live account software

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