Unleash Screen Cast

The Unleash Autofly app allows you to directly share your Ground Control Station (GCS) screen securely to your account, with ultra low latency.  This allows your onsite pilots to bring in subject matter experts through live video collaboration while still using their standard GCS app and workflows. 

In order to use Unleash screencast you will need to have your Unleash live account setup and an appropriate device created as shown here:

It is recommended you open your GCS app and enter camera view prior to opening Unleash live Autofly. On some devices, including the DJI smart controller, the stream may be stopped if DJI pilot is opened after the stream has been started. 

1: Sign into Autofly 

Using your unleash live account credentials. If you haven't signed up yet follow the sign up link and you can also go through this get started link.

2: Select device and choose Share Screen” 

3: Ensure GCS is open  and select “GCS running, Cast screen”

If your GCS is not open you can click minimise Autofly to go back and open your preferred GCS prior to starting the stream.  Once your GCS is open, return to this screen to start screen casting. 

When you select “GCS is Running, Cast Screen” you may receive a pop up asking if you want to allow your device to capture your screen, please select allow.

4: Share Public watch page. 

There are two options to share your Live stream with stakeholders.

From Unleash Cloud account:

To share the video with stakeholders ensure “Share broadcast” is enabled and simply click copy URL or go to “Public view page” as shown below. They will not need an Unleash live account to view the video feed. 

The “Share broadcast” can be found in your account profile page, simply select the bottom left icon in your unleash live account and scroll down to the Streaming section.


From Autofly:

Once your stream has been started you will have an option to share your public watch page directly from Autofly. Depending on the device you are using you will be provided with different sharing options including email, sms and messaging services. 

5: End stream

At the end of your flight you will need to minimise or close your GCS app and open Autofly again. 

On this  page you have the option to end your stream as well as the option to send audio from the GCS along with the Video stream. This feature is a great tool which allows your pilot to add an additional data layer to your inspection. The Video associated Audio will now be visible in your Unleash live media library. 


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