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Using the point cloud measurement menu

Learn how to use the menu in your point cloud 

Viewing Controls

  • Earth Control - rotate the location of your centre point, forward, back, left and right
  • Fly Control - rotate 360 degrees around your centre point, pan up and down
  • Orbit Control - roll and orbit around your centre point

Appearance Controls

  • Point Budget - increase the number of points 
  • Field of View - zoom in and out of the centre point
  • Eye-Dome-Lighting Radius - smoothen then the appearance of the point cloud by increasing/decreasing the contrast 
  • Eye-Dome-Lighting Strength - increase/decrease the light contrast strength to reveal/hide contours
  • Background - change the background colour behind the point cloud
  • Splat Quality - choose between standard or high quality to increase the point spread between the point cloud mesh. The higher the quality the more connected the points appear
  • Min Node Size - increase the node size value to create space between nodes

Measurement Tools 

  • Angle Measurement - measure angles between points
  • Distance Measurement - measure the distance between points
  • Area Measurement - measure the area of a given point zone
  • Smart Volume - measure the volume between points
  • Height Profile/Cross Section - measure and view the height profile from a cross-section between points
  • Clear Measurements - remove all measurements

Measurement Scene

In the scene section, the user can select the point cloud file in the object sub-section and adjust the properties

  • Point Size - further adjust the size of the points
  • Point Sizing - choose between Fixed, Attenuated (minimised) or Adaptive
  • Point Shape - square, circle or paraboloid

Within the Attributes sub section the user can select from a number of analytical filter tools by clicking on the drop down menu. Each of the tool provides different levels of filtering from RGB, elevation to composite.

Change the units for measurements

Open the measurement tools menu and click on the drop-down menu at the top right and choose between

  • Meters
  • Feet
  • Inches

The units will automatically adjust to your location, however, if you require the measurements in an alternative metric you can manually adjust them. 

Once complete with the point cloud analysis, the point cloud can be shared with a link.