Viewing the live stream from Autofly

Once you have connected Autofly App to your account viewing the live stream can be done in 3 locations;

  • Remote Cockpit for controlling the camera and drone
  • The live stream page within your account
  • Watch page for external customers or clients

Viewing the live stream from the account stream page

Your account has a dedicated live stream viewing page, designed to review up to 4 concurrent live streams at once. Select the stream icon from the side menu bar and the active live stream will appear. Expand the live stream to full screen and control the audio level from the bottom right corner of the viewer.

Viewing the live stream in Remote Cockpit

The Remote Cockpit is designed to provide the remote inspector with the chance to take part or control the drone and camera during the inspection flight. Open the Remote Cockpit by selecting the mission control menu on the side menu bar and select Remote Cockpit.

Select the drone whose live stream you want to connect to and within seconds the dashboard will appear with the live stream. To learn more about the Remote Cockpit menu options click here

Share the live stream with external viewers through the Watch page

In cases where you require an external inspector or client to view the live stream, the watch page is the perfect solution. A URL can be shared with the inspector or client, allowing them to view the live stream from their browser.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the side menu bar and select the profile icon
  2. Select Streaming from the top menu
  3. Select Copy URL to share through your normal communication channels
  4. Select Public Live Page to open a new tab to display the Watch page, copy and share the URL

View the stored live stream in the library

Once the live stream is completed it will be automatically stored in the library, ready for reviewing, sharing and analysing. To review the live stream select the library icon from the side menu bar and the live stream will be the first tile in the library, if it hasn't arrived yet, simply refresh the page.