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Viewing your 2D/3D/point cloud or VR models

If your media files contain 2D, 3D, point cloud or VR models, you can view them in the Unleash live Media Drive (library). To view the models:

1. Navigate to the Media Drive from the navigation bar on the left of the interface.

2. Browse, search or filter to find the model you want to view.

3. If the model exists, there is a small model icon on the righthand side of the folder (a globe). It represents "View model" option. Hover your cursor over that icon, and click on it.

4. You can choose between 2D, 3D, point cloud and VR options to view.

Remember, to view a VR model you will need to connect your VR headset.

Viewing model gif

If you experienced any problems with the above steps please contact us at suport@unleashlive.com and one of our Support Team will get back to you.