What’s included in my trial plan?

The trial plan gives you access to all the core features of the platform

  • Ability to add a device for live s (choose from Smartphones, IP Cameras, Drones, Bodycams)
  • Live stream from up to 4 devices
  • Re-streaming to other video management platforms
  • Store your video and imagery footage in your account 
  • Share a public watch page for up to 4 live stream devices
  • Apply the default A.I. model to live stream (contact us for details)
  • Upload image and video footage, and apply default A.I. model (contact us for details)

The following are excluded from your trial plan

  • Your trial plan includes a default A.I. which can recognize up to approx ~80 regular/household items. Access to additional A.I. models in the Apps store are at an additional cost (contact us for details). 
  • Building high-resolution 3D, VR, Pointclouds and Orthomap models, including volumetrics 
  • Get full geo-spatial awareness with our Fusion Atlas, with IoT, layered Orthomaps, annotations and live streams on a map
  • DJI flight logs and view of flight paths and operational data
  • Advanced mission planning